We are aware that the invoices for service charges due on 1st April 2020 have been, or will shortly be, received by homeowners.  This is a process which takes sometime and will have been in hand before the real impact of the spread of Coronavirus hit the UK.  We are sorry, therefore, for any perceived insensitivity on the part of SHW.


SHW very much appreciates that everyone is focusing on the welfare of their families and their immediate community and payment of service charges is likely to be someway down your list of priorities.


At SHW we have arrangements in place to ensure the continued management of your development as the running and maintenance of the common areas of the development still needs to continue with insurances, landscaping, etc still in place with associated costs needing to be paid.  For example, your gardeners, D Honour & Son, continue to provide the full level of service and will do so unless alternative directives are issued by the Government. 


Like many organisations, SHW is mindful of the impact this national crisis is having on individuals in terms of employment and business opportunities for the self-employed and it will of course consider direct requests for a service charge deferment.  If you find you are impacted and wish to discuss postponement of payment of the service charges, whilst we cannot waive these,  we will always try to work with you to reach a suitable resolution.


The Government has announced a number of measures to assist individuals and businesses.  A couple of links with useful information in this regard are provided below.






SHW will manage the cashflow for the development more carefully than ever but contractors who provide services, who have their own financial commitments, will have to continue to be paid. Any underspend on discontinued services will sit as a credit to your maintenance fund and, if this is found to be a significant sum, consideration will be given to issuing credits to home owners against future charges.


The next few months, and most likely beyond that, are going to be difficult and uncertain for many of us but we want to assure you that SHW will be here to support you as much as it possibly can.