It has been brought to our attention that not all residents have received the communication from March detailing the vote on Parking Enforcements on Newhall. it has therefore been decided to extended the voting until midnight on Monday 6th May 2019 
The Vote is open to all residents of Newhall on whether to reinstate an outside company to enforce the Parking Restrictions on the estate
It should be borne in mind that SHW is only seeking to enforce the various covenants to which all owners agreed to and signed up to on completion of their purchase of their Newhall home. SHW is not introducing any new regulations. So, please take the time to register your opinion and vote on this proposal. The decision will be based on the majority vote so it is important that you do take the time to register this. If the majority wish to see enforcements re-introduced, the restrictions will be as detailed in our previous newsletters on the matter, if you need a copy of this letter, then please do let us know.
Please submit your comments/vote/queries on this important item to . The date by which your vote must be received is Monday 6th May 2019. Once this comes to a close we will consider all of the responses and then update all owners on the outcome