Major works to Reed beds

Major works to Reed beds We expect you will have noticed the works underway at the reed beds.  These works include installation of new, more effective overflow drainage to all three ponds. It will also include the replanting of those areas of the ponds which are bare of reeds. It will take time for the impact [...]

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Newhall Estate Landscaping Contract

Newhall Estate Landscaping Contract You will, we expect, be pleased to hear that Newhall Projects Ltd have awarded the above for another year to the existing company, D Honour Ltd.  D Honour Ltd have a proven record for providing a very good level of service having worked at Newhall for many years. Honour will have two full-time gardeners [...]

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New Property Management Team

New Property Management Team We are pleased to announce that Newhall will now be managed by Michele Gallagher and Laura Ritchie.  Michele is a Senior Property Manager who comes to Newhall with a wealth of experience having been in Residential Property Management for almost 30 years.  Laura is an Assistant Property Manager and is very [...]

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