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FAQs & Answers

Answer: The land is defined in each of the Legal Transfer documents. The land – and all phases of the development within 25 years from 2001 – will form the estate. For this reason, Newhall Projects Limited contributes significantly to the costs – and will continue to do so until the development has completed.

Answer: For a number of years, local authorities have been reluctant to adopt and maintain public open space areas created in new developments. This is because when an authority takes on this responsibility, it becomes responsible for all upkeep costs.  Nowadays, it is common for developments to maintain public open space areas privately, as is the case here at Newhall.  The local authority does not offer reductions in Council Tax to owners on such developments.

Answer: The roads are to be adopted by the local authority and open for public access, so others can enjoy the green open spaces within Newhall, as well as residents and their guests. This is a planning condition, imposed by the local authority, so it is not possible to install gates.

Answer: The local authority has already adopted the main access roads into Newhall, some pavements, junctions, squares and driveway access points (with one or two minor exceptions).  However, some pavement lighting, parks, play areas, street trees and plantings are not adopted. Therefore, these areas form part of the maintained areas of the estate, for which Service Charge contributions are collected from each property.

Answer: The local authority has taken over responsibility for some of the adopted roads.  However, residents contribute funds towards litter-picking and removal of staining (such as oil spills) or bulk refuse from the adopted roads, among other things.  All this aims to provide a pleasant environment for residents and visitors.  Until further roads are adopted, Newhall Projects Limited, or the relevant land parcel developer, will continue to maintain the road surfaces to the original highway standard. Note that the only roads adopted so far are The Chase and Great Auger Street. Please also note that the maintenance of the roads and pathways forming part of the SLO/Future form Development are to be maintained by the relevant developer. This will endure until they are fit for handover to the authority’s Estate Management Team and for adoption after that.

Answer: Service charges invariably increase, as commodity and supply costs rise, and so we anticipate increases in the Estate Service Charge in the future.  Once completed, the community facilities will consist of a Community Centre, Sports Pavilion, School, Nursery, waterway, additional children’s play areas and a variety of retail units.  Every annual Estate Service Charge will reflect a fair and reasonable increase, as appropriate, to make an allowance for amenities and facilities which will be completed in that financial year.

Answer: Your solicitor has a legal obligation to explain your legal documentation, so that you fully understand your covenants with regard to your liability for the payment of Service Charge. If this issue was not discussed when you completed the purchase of your property, you may need to contact your solicitor.

Answer: SHW is your Managing Agent, instructed by Newhall Projects Limited to manage the communal external areas at Newhall. So please address all such queries to SHW. Maintenance issues can be raised with your Property Manager, Michele Gallagher. Service Charge account queries can be raised with Mrs Val Harman at SHW’s Accounts Department in Brighton.  If any queries need the attention of Newhall Projects Limited, SHW will forward them, requesting that NPL respond to you.

Answer: The Residents’ Societies can be formed once a critical number of units have been completed in Phase II of the development and the infrastructure is in place. This especially applies to the completion of the Community Centre. All residents will be contacted at the appropriate time in preparation for the formalisation of the Residents’ Societies.

Answer: Until the Residents’ Societies have been formed, Newhall Projects Limited has overall responsibility for Newhall.  At present, Newhall Projects Limited meets the majority of costs to maintain the open green spaces. When the Residents’ Societies have been formed, residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions in the land parcel where their Residents’ Society is located.

If any resident has any queries or concerns for the attention of Newhall Projects Limited, please send them to your Property Manager, Michele Gallagher, who will raise the issue with Newhall Projects Limited.

Answer: In Phase 1, certain front gardens have not been conveyed to the property owners. These are fronting properties in such a prominent location that they affect and benefit the appearance and quality of the whole estate.  Instead, for the time being, those gardens are being maintained by Newhall Projects, at a cost to each owner.

In a minority of cases, front gardens have been conveyed with the house to individual homeowners who wish to maintain the garden themselves – and they are obliged to do so to the highest standard.

However, where owners do not maintain their own gardens, the landscape contractor is prepared to do so at no extra cost to the Estate Service Charge. This is to ensure a consistently good appearance of the front gardens, benefitting the community as a whole.

Answer: There are restrictive covenants controlling the external appearance of the properties, which safeguard the unique architectural spirit of the scheme. Whilst there is a presumption against any alterations, applications can be made for alterations to Newhall Projects Limited.

Where properties have made alterations without consent, they will need to rectify these prior to any sale.  In extreme cases, legal action may be taken, where there is a need to maintain the quality and design for the benefit of all.

Answer: If the complaint cannot be resolved by your Property Manager, Michele Gallagher, then Niall McGuinness, Partner of Stiles Harold Williams, is your main point of contact. His details are as follows:

Telephone: 020 7389 1500

E-mail: nmcguinness@shw.co.uk

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