About Newhall & Harlow

The large new residential community of Newhall, Harlow is an exciting place to live and residents are invited to play an active part in their neighbourhood. Newhall is ground breaking in the UK for its combination of well designed, award winning contemporary housing with a pleasant, green environment.

The development plan has adopted the principles of the late Sir Frederick Gibberd, the distinguished architect who planned the new town of Harlow after the Second World War. Gibberd divided the town into ‘Neighbourhoods’ that would become thriving and self-sustaining communities. Newhall can be considered the most modern and innovative of these Neighbourhoods.

The area used to be 250 acres (101ha) of farmland and woodland, which made up New Hall Farm, and the farm’s owners are still the current landowners. Their visionary aim is firstly to achieve the highest standards of planning, design and construction.

The second aim is to offer a high quality of life and wellbeing with a sense of community and space, a proximity to nature and good amenities for children and families.

Around 2,200 new homes are being created and up to 40% of the land is being preserved as unspoilt open space for leisure, pleasure and amenity. A wide variety of housing types combine with parking spaces and community facilities. Light commercial and retail premises are also planned to be constructed during the coming years.

The land at Newhall is being developed in phases. Phase I, in which you live, is complete, and comprises some 560 homes. Work for Phase II has now started, with key developments being undertaken by Bellway Homes & Linden Homes. We anticipate that there will be approximately 800 dwellings by the end of 2016.

The natural environment is being enhanced by the preservation of substantial areas of open space, including parkland, lakes and woodland. These areas will be known as the Estate Community Land.

Several community buildings are being created where residents can meet and discuss everything relevant to the communal areas, services and facilities. The Newhall Residents’ Association will be established in order to ensure that the original aims, objectives and ethos behind Newhall are retained and enhanced as the neighbourhood evolves and flourishes.

With so much open space, it is envisaged that everyone will live no further than about one block away from parkland or greenery. Streams, woodlands and grasslands will preserve and enhance a natural environment for wildlife.

Careful consideration has been given to the planning of the road systems and adjacent landscaping. As future phases are developed, footpaths, woodland, parkland, play areas and lakes will be created for the benefit of residents and visitors.

There are currently two play areas located on St Nicholas Green and a new one being built on New Pond Street. Another play area is soon to be built near the bridge in the woods – and others will follow as each major phase is completed. We envisage a further four will be constructed during the next few years.

A Community Centre will be created and will be available for hire as well as providing meeting facilities for residents.

Latest News

Noise Disturbances / Anti Social Behaviour.

Should you suffer from issues with noise disturbance, anti social behaviour, please could you log with SHW and on the Enviromental Health Department at Harlow Council. env.health@harlow.gov.uk. alternatively you can always contact 101

Estate Amenities Supervisor

We are pleased to confirm we have successfully recruited your Estate Amenities Supervisor – full contact details below.   Name:                          Dominic Brownlee Email address:             newhallestate@shw.co.uk Telephone No:             07943 524923   Dominic starts [...]

Countryside Resurfacing Works

Please find below link with the latest update regarding the Countryside resurfacing works. Follow Up Residents Letter - 17.11.20 - Road Works & Closures

Job Description – Estate Amenities Supervisor

Please find attached Job Description for the Estate Amenities Supervisor. If you are interested or have any further questions please email newhall@shw.co.uk   Estate Amenities Supervisor - Job Description for Newhall

Countryside resurfacing of roads.

Please see attached document detailing the planned road resurfacing works by Countryside. Residents Letter - 01.10.20 - Road Works & Closures