Just a quick update on the situation with the landscaping contractor’s attendance at Newhall.  In deference to both the fact that many residents cited this as being non-essential work and that Honours has furloughed many of its staff, apart from basic services, regular attendance has been suspended.  Honours are attending daily to empty litter and dog waste bins and have cut the grass on the larger amenity land.  However, it is currently not the intention to attend to individual front gardens.  Homeowners are looking to SHW for a reduction in service charges but that can only happen if there is a reduction in services.  Some homeowners have been in touch complaining that Honours are not attending to the individual front garden of their house.  In light of the current government lockdown, the furlough position of staff and the social distancing requirements, SHW understood that suspending these services would receive the full support of Newhall owners.  So, for the time being, works to individual front gardens is suspended.  Once normal services resume, Honours will of course concentrate of bring these areas back up to standard.  Please do not hesitate to contact SHW if you wish to comment or raise an issue on this approach. 


Thank you and we hope you are all staying safe and well.