• Matthew Byatt Newhall Projects Ltd
  • Niall McGuinness SHW – Managing Agent
  • Michele Gallagher SHW – Managing Agent
  • Laura Ritchie SHW – Managing Agent
  • Plus approximately 75 residents of Newhall


  • Introductions
  • Update on the road/pavement repairs
  • Parking Enforcements
  • Newhall Residents Association
  • Replacement TV Cabling Project
  • Estate Management/General Maintenance Items
  • AOB – Speeding/Security

NMG started by introducing SHW management team along with Matthew Byatt of Newhall projects (NP)

The meeting was very well attended which was good news. However, it should be recorded that, subsequent to the meeting, many attendees contacted SHW registering their frustration that so many of the items raised related to individual developer issues and not Estate Management matters. It was considered that the meeting was not the correct occasion for raising such matters.

Update On Road and Pavement Repairs:

MB advised that works on SLO – Great Auger Street has been completed, Honor Street will be next followed by Braggowens Ley Works will continue onto Cala Domus followed by North Chase. This only leaves the Barratt Homes roads – MB has confirmed he is chasing regularly but he encouraged residents to also chase this up with Paul Horrigan of Barratt Homes

Linden Roads – MB confirmed that these are subject of ongoing discussions with Essex Highway,

Bunting Street – MB confirmed he has met with Linden representatives several times already. The situation is very complicated but he considers that this should be open within the next couple of months. Linden need to do some works along Sparrowhawk as part of the adoption works so it will be imperative that Bunting Street is opened beforehand.

Pavements – MB confirmed that Newhall Projects will be extending the pavement over the bridge leading to the green. This should be carried out within the next few weeks. The corner section into the new road to the Montessori is in but not yet linked to the bridge – the section to be built on the grass area has been instructed and will be built soon.

Residents were advised that The Chase has been adopted and any issues with this road need to be directed to Essex Highways.

MB advised that a consultation will shortly be taking place between Harlow/Essex Highways/ North Essex Parking Partnership regarding parking proposals for The Chase – suggestions range from painting of double yellow lines the length of the road or there is an option for hit and miss parking. There was a question as to whether the Haul road could be used on a temporary basis. MB said this could be a possibility and agreed to go away and explore this making enquiries regarding the Health and Safety aspects of the request

Street lighting – MB advised Bellway and Linden are responsible for the street lighting within its section of the development. MB advised that NP have been pursuing Linden about this and many other outstanding items and it has now been threatened with Legal Action. MB confirmed that Linden need to have all works completed by October in line with adoption requirements.

Countryside will commence construction in April, with sales of the first homes being sometime early 2019. Its construction site continues from the rear of the Bellway development all the way round the entrance on London Road.

It was suggested that it would be useful if there was some form of brief directory of Whose who/who is responsible for the different areas of Newhall. SHW agreed to add this information to the Newhall website –

Parking Enforcements:

MG confirmed that the new Parking Enforcement Company – UK Parking Control – will be commencing services shortly. It was pointed out that the regulations remain unchanged from the existing. The parking signage will be erected soon and enforcements will take effect within 24 hours of this. There was general concern raised at the lack of parking for the number of vehicles, the question of where cars can and cannot park, what constitutes a commercial vehicle, etc. SHW agreed to ensure that the restrictions were clearly understood by UKPC and that full details of those would be posted on the website. It was also suggested that Plans of each Phase showing areas where parking is not permitted be uploaded onto the website. SHW will deal with this.

MG raised the subject of introducing permits for use of Visitors bays. This is not necessarily a viable solution as it will mean residents having to ensure their Visitor does display a permit, and returns it at the end of the visit. This could, however, be something to consider as the parking enforcements roll out. A question was raised as to whether UKPC will patrol at weekends. MG confirmed UKPC do operate 7 days a week.

There is an issue with inconsiderate parking on Braggowens Ley and Langdale Street on match days. SHW asked to write to the playing fields management company – Church Langley Association.

It was suggested that there are no Visitor’s bays on the Linden site. SHW have subsequently determined that there are some Visitors Bays but this is very limited. Linden to be asked to mark this up accordingly.

Commercial Vehicles – the question of additional parking for commercial vehicles was raised. The existing car park, off New Pond Street, is a temporary arrangement and eventually, this will be built on. MG highlighted the fact that there is restrictions relating to parking of commercial vehicles in the various documentation for the homes on Newhall.

SHW/NP asked if an area of parking on Perry Lane which currently provides space for two cars parked parallell could be modified to perpendicular parking as this would provide additional bays. SHW/MB to look into this via liaison with Bellway Homes.

SHW were asked to consider setting up a central information point whereby issues/complaints raised can be recorded, with up to date actions, so that anyone with the same issue can check to determine if action is already in hand. SHW to set this up via the website/Facebook/NextDoor.

Newhall Residents Association:

MG advised the Newhall Residents Association Ltd will be going live over the next 12-18 months. MG confirmed that 19 people have already expressed an interest in becoming involved with the running of the Association and a Workshop meeting has been scheduled to take place on 8th February. MG advised that NRAL will be the tool through which owners will be in control of setting future service charge budgets, determining what contracts are awarded, how monies are spent, etc.

MG/MB advised that being part of the Residents Association will require a good degree of input from those willing to stand as Directors, particularly in the early days, and will require a good understanding of the requirements from the outset. SHW/MB will offer as much support/advice/assistance as required.

Replacement of TV/Cabling Project:

MG advised this relates to Phase I residents primarily but with the addition of Virgin Media being provided to homes on The Edge. MB gave an overview of how this will be facilitated. MB advised that the work is scheduled to commence in March 2018 with an estimated six month completion time. MB also advised that once the new system is in place, there will be an amnesty whereby all residents will have to remove their dishes.

Residents from Bellway advised that the system serving their homes is far from satisfactory. MB confirmed he would explore what alternatives there might be. He will need to liaise with professionals to include the likes of SCCI to determine what can be done to improve the situation here.

Estate Management:

Security – MG advised that the security currently patrolling the estate is not a service charge service item. It is provided and paid for by NP. MG advised that she had been approached by a Security contractor with a proposal for estate wide security cover. The estimated cost would be £7 per month per home. Those present were generally interested in this service but there was no appetite for an increase to the service charges. MG requested to obtain further proposals/estimates for consideration at a later date. SHW will post the anti-social behaviour email address on all social platforms.

Speeding – MG raised the issue of speeding, particularly on Sparrowhawk Way. SHW has obtained costings for speed cameras which are coming in at £3.5K each. The general feeling was that this would not be effective and a potential waste of funds. SHW asked to look into Community Speed Watch. This is a traffic monitoring scheme, coordinated by the Essex Police Casualty Reduction Section (EPCRS) and supported by Safer Essex Road Partnership, but managed and run by volunteers in the community. A link to the website is provided below and residents interested in becoming involved are encouraged to investigate this further.

SHW also asked to raise the issue of there being no ‘GIVE WAY’ signs on the various roads within Linden and Bellway with the respective developer.

Any Other Business:

Use of the Montessori school was raised and MB advised that he is in talks with potential proprietors for the units. The range of suggested uses include a community café, yoga group, restaurant etc. More information will be circulated once talk’s progress.

SHW were asked to contact D Honour and Son Landscaping regarding removal of cuttings after attending to residents front gardens.

There being no further business the meeting closed at: 20:45

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